Construction Management


 ERP staff can act as your main point of contact for the construction of your project. 

  • Coordination of suppliers & subcontractors
  • Quality review
  • Transport management
  • Schedule monitoring
  • HSE compliance review
  • Procedure compliance review

Construction Management Assistance

Technical Field Inspections

Progress Reports

pipeline  Construction Management

Construction Management Assistance - Establish a QA program to encompass pre-work meetings preceding certain operations during which submittals, schedule, manpower requirements as well as the contractor's work plans.

Technical Field Inspections - Completion of routine inspection of field activities to ensure compliance with plans, work scope, and schedule. 

Environmental Compliance - Ensure that all environmental surveys and permits are being followed. Provide guidance on leaks and spills and address any issues with wildlife. 

Landowner Coordination - Works directly with landowners to bridge communication between landowners and construction staff on a daily basis. Staff makes sure that landowner concerns and questions are answered in a timely matter. 


Representative Projects