ERP employees are experienced in all phases of environmental remediation services, providing value to the involved stakeholders.  We have completed Feasibility Studies and Corrective Measures Studies, and have developed risk-based Remedial Work Plans to address various types of impacts to soil and groundwater at commercial and industrial properties.  Our staff have evaluated and selected cost-effective remedial alternatives for our clients with a clear exit strategy.  We have implemented remedial plans, including pilot testing, construction oversight, and project management, while completing the associated remedial and discharge permitting often required.  Our staff have been involved in projects applying time-tested, proven remedial technologies including various applications of bioremediation, as well as new and emerging innovative technologies.

ERP environmental remediation projects have utilized technologies such as the following:

  • Soil vapor extraction

  • Dual Phase extraction

  • Mass Removal

  • In Situ Injections

  • Bioremediation

ERP staff also provide experienced technical review, oversight and management for client’s remedial programs which significantly reduces the client’s overall remedial expenditures.  This realized cost savings is achieved due to our expertise in coordinating the various remediation consultants and contractors involved, as well as reviewing their proposed work scope and budgets as a partner with our clients.

Defining the Regulatory End-Game 

Improperly managed remediation projects can feel like a never ending cycle of site investigations and regulatory reviews while projects fall stagnant. ERP works closely with its clients to determine the best end-use for the property, as well as potential redevelopment or disposition scenarios, so that remedial solutions match the regulatory strategy. We work with the regulators to establish a “finish line” for the remediation so that there is not a moving target for regulatory compliance. As we drive toward this regulatory finish line, we will develop risk-based options to match the future use of the site. 


Soil and Groundwater Impact Delineations

Corrective Action Plans

Remediation System Design, Installation, and Operation

Regulatory Negotiations


Representative Projects