ERP offers turn-key project management and construction management services. From concept to completion, we can facilitate all aspects of a project to ensure success.


In addition to traditional environmental permitting services, ERP delivers exceptional project management services by integrating every aspect of the project development process into successful construction and commercial operation.  We work with the entire project team, including the developer, project engineers, financial analysts, land agents, regulators, and resource analysts, to encompass the full project scope and ensure commitments are delivered on time, on budget, and meet company goals. 


  • Permitting and Regulatory Compliance Management

Development and maintenance of permitting matrices to ensure on-time submittals and elimination of delays. We utilize this project management document to ensure no detail is left unattended.

  • Document Control/Project Administration for Safety, Cost, Time and Quantity

Management of project construction and design documents through either our secure cloud server, a client provided ftp site or a third party data management program.

  • Master Project Schedule and Project Cost Master Plan

Tracking of interlinked project steps and costs relative to planned budgets .

  • Bid Evaluation and Contractor Qualifications Review

An evaluation of contractor’s previous experience, schedule availability, references, insurance requirements, and health and safety performance prior to Request For Proposal (RFP) release.


Permitting and Regulatory Compliance Management

Document Control/Project Administration

Master Project Schedule and Cost Plan

Bid Evaluation and Contractor Qualifications Review

Review of Land, Contractor, and Vendor Terms and Conditions and Contract Documents

Development of Bid Documents for Major Subcontractor

Subcontractor Management

In conjunction with client counsel, ERP can provide owner-level review and recommendations on key contract terms and conditions via our highly experienced in-house counsel. 

ERP has prepared numerous bid documents that allow for minimal questions and reiterations from contractors. A detailed and complete RFP allows for an effective evaluation of contractors with reduced pricing based on limited contingency because of well-identified scope. 

ERP has relationships with a variety of engineers, surveyors, attorneys, land agents, and other resources throughout the country. We can identify subcontractors, develop RFPs, obtain competitive bids, and manage subcontractors to drive out cost inefficiencies. A few examples of the types of services that ERP has experience selecting and managing include:

  • Site Layout and Engineering Design
  • Land Surveying
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Tax Abatements

PPA Request for Proposal Bid Package Preparation

Public Outreach

ERP can prepare a response to a PPA Request for Proposal in a cost effective and cohesive manner that provides a clear narrative of the project’s key components and advantages.  ERP will work with the project proponent team to accumulate all of the necessary information to document the project in a convincing manner that positions the project for a successful negotiation process and profitable long-term contract.

ERP has a strong track record of supporting the public outreach process as part of regulatory approvals. This can include crafting public relations strategies, leading complex public meetings, dissemination of information with local community groups, and helping avoid opposition which can slow or halt the progress of a project. 


Representative Projects